5 Most Commonly Replaced Cell Phone Parts & Accessories

Cell phones have become an essential part of many people’s lives. However, using your cell phone daily leads to wear and tear, especially if you are a heavy user. Below are some cellular phone parts that may require replacement due to wear and tear.

These Phone Parts Need Replacement for Users & Providers:

Charging Ports

Charging ports are used frequently, and because of this, they can also collect plenty of debris. This compromises the connection between the charger and the charging port.


Nearly everyone who uses a smartphone has had to deal with damaged screens once in a while. Smartphones with larger screens are much more likely to crack or become damaged when falling. To purchase wholesale smartphone parts, including screens for a wide variety of cell phone models, visit Wireless Tech.


Phone makers are resorting to seamless phone designs that don’t feature buttons. However, if your phone still features home and power buttons, note that you may have to replace them at least once in your phone’s lifetime as they experience plenty of wear and tear from daily use.

Ear Speakers

A damaged ear speaker can make it nearly impossible to have a mobile conversation. If you’re looking to replace yours, Wireless Tech has a selection of high-quality and affordable ear speakers and cellular phone parts for sale.


Mobile phones rely on batteries. Unfortunately, the lithium-ion battery pack powering your mobile phone will steadily degrade over time. Additionally, charging habits and heavy usage can also reduce its lifetime. 

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